The future of travel trailers is here!

Engineered with high-performance composite materials and intelligent designs, Cortes Campers manufactures 100% molded fiberglass travel trailers and campers. 

It’s no secret that ordinary trailers are notorious for being of very low quality, have a short lifespan and can be heavy enough to destroy your gas mileage and wear out your tow vehicle.


Just like another well-known travel trailer manufacturer that decided to build campers the same way airplanes were built approximately a century ago, Cortes Campers plans to repeat that success by manufacturing a technologically advanced trailer that utilizes the latest breakthroughs in aerospace manufacturing technologies. By utilizing the latest in lightweight aerospace materials, Cortes Campers offers a camper that is immune to corrosion, rust and rot, extremely lightweight all at a price that competes with traditional campers on the market.

Cortes Campers builds true four-season trailers capable of handling practically anything you can throw at them, so go ahead and take yours anywhere. Your next outdoor adventure awaits.

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